Having spent far too long considering what I should share, what should be omitted (and what should never be repeated), I have come to the conclusion that brutal honesty is the best option.

I am a 31 year old, mother of two amazing children, Letoya & Ethan.  My fiancé and I spend most of our days working and navigating the wonderful journey that is parenthood.  Our children have been the single biggest blessing, and I can honestly say that becoming a parent has changed my outlook and perception of everything in life.  To all other things that I do and love, the ultimate aim is to be the best role model and parent.

I am engaged to my best friend, my inspiration and my soul mate.

I work full time for a finance and technology company, which I balance with parenthood.

I have always been someone that loves make-up, beauty and fashion and have tried as much as I can to fit this in around everything else in my life.  Whilst my morning routine has been shaved from around an hour and a half to a swift 30 minutes, I always make time to do the things that I enjoy, even if that means sacrificing sleep (which is scarce with two young kiddies)!  I may arrive at  work looking like my make-up has been applied with crayons, but having achieved this using the light from my iphone alone, to operate undetectable in the early hours, I consider a feat in itself.

I am currently trying to get myself in to the best shape possible.  I hope to share my fitness and nutrition journey with you, as this is a really big step for me.  I have been really fortunate, having had two children and reaching 30, as I am relatively slim, but as most mothers will know, child rearing has a huge impact on our bodies.  It took me a long time to feel like I was back in my own skin after having my youngest, and  I think this and the challenges of having such a fast-paced life, have led to me searching out what will work for me and get me in the best shape to rugby-tackle these things with unshakeable enthusiasm.

As I grow and learn more about myself and life, have realised more and more that being sound in body and mind is essential.

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A few other things that I love:

My fiancé making me laugh after a hard day at work.

Cake and hot chocolate with my daughter on Saturday mornings.

Films on the sofa with the family, with a mountain of snacks.

Sunday mornings, with no rushing.

Watching make-up tutorials and attempting them myself.

Seeing & discovering new places.

My children playing together in harmony (yes, it happens all the time I promise!!?!).

Waking up every morning with the love of a beautiful family.  If there is a bigger blessing in life, I am yet to discover it.



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