Our First Family Holiday

Hey Folks,

Well it’s been over a month since my last blog post (okay, this sounds more like an alcoholics anonymous intro, than the opening statement of a blog post).  It has been an exciting, yet exhausting few weeks, with holiday prep, holiday execution, followed by the ever-dreaded post-holiday clean-up!

I have absolutely loved having a few  weeks to focus on family life and enjoying all that comes with it.  Yes, I have felt twitchy fingered at times, and had to physically stop myself from coming within a foot of my laptop, but I really felt that I needed a short hiatus from the engulfing and immersive world of blogging.  Not only to spend more time solely with my loved ones, but also to reflect upon my blogging journey and the direction in which I want to take Wonderling (which I will speak on in more detail later this week).

After reading some of my own tips on How To Book A Baby Friendly Holiday I scoured the internet for a package that was perfect for us.  Looking through no-less than a hundred travel sites, gauging temperatures, hotel ratings and average flight times, we finally decided to visit Tenerife.  We stayed in San Miguel, a small town only fifteen minutes from the airport.  With Playa De Las Americas and Los Christianos only a fifteen minute drive away, we had both the quiet local charm, and the fast-paced tourist hotspots within easy reach.

As soon as we told the tots that we were going on holiday in half-term, they were beyond excited.  One evening I returned from work to find Ethan with a carry on suitcase, packed with his favourite teddy bear and a bag full of his toy cars, stating ‘Mummy, I’m ready for holiday now’.  It was the sweetest thing i’d ever seen.

Apart from the usual mad rush to iron, pack and compress every item of clothing into our few suitcases, we set out on Sunday morning, bright and early, and much to my surprise, thirty minutes ahead of schedule! For me, a serial planner, this was a serious achievement.  We packed all we needed for the flight, prepared snacks, entertainment, you name it we had it!  The flight went smoothly, with both Letoya & Ethan being so well behaved (okay, so where is the catch you ask?).  I will always remember Ethan’s face when we arrived at Stansted Airport, with planes parked in every direction.

We arrived around 7pm, all hungry and feeling a little grubby.  Cue a quick shower and unpack, and we ventured out for our first dinner abroad.  I would love to say that we sampled some lovely local cuisine, but i’d be lying.  We all tucked into some wonderfully stodgy pizza!  But gosh, it hit the spot.  Returning to our hotel, we all pretty much collapsed and slept until 8 am the next morning ( a much-needed personal sleeping victory for mum & dad!).

What followed, was an amazing week, filled with truly memorable experiences, from sunrise to sunset, beach to pool and pier to port.

So, rather than annotating every detail of the holiday, I wanted to share our week away in pictures!

Trying to get Letoya and Ethan to pose for a picture for mummy! As you can see, it didn’t quite go to plan.

 So much of the week was spent playing in the pool and in the sand.  Letoya and Ethan couldn’t get enough.  I am still finding sand in the most odd places at home.

Letoya’s football skills improved no-end and she made some great friends in the process!!  I lost count of how many ice creams were consumed in just one week.  Which is probably a good thing for a health conscious mum!

Family love.  Those simple moments of stillness remind me just how lucky I am.
We walked into Los Abrigos, which was around two miles from where we were staying.  It was an absolutely beautiful fishing town steeped in local charm.

Beautiful views from all angles.  Something about blue sky and sea air reinvigorates me and blows away the cobwebs that come with a 9-5 lifestyle.
The obligatory poolside selfie!  I am learning that blogging requires one to be ready for a selfie at any moment.  Whilst I am adapting, I can’t bring myself to get a selfie stick just yet.

Breathtaking natural beauty surrounded us wherever we went.  It really gave me the chance to put my photography skills to the test.

Where are you travelling to this summer?  How did you find travelling with young children?


Much Love,

Lisa x

Thank you for visiting Wonderling.


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  1. January 26, 2018 / 10:49 pm

    Beautiful pictures, you look absolutely stunning! And those kids of yours are adorable! Such a beautiful family. And lovely pictures as well 🙂 I haven´t commented on your blog in a while, but just wanted to let you know, that I still love it and I will keep reading it.
    Reader from Finland

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