My Pregnancy Symptoms

It is often said that women experience different symptoms every time they are pregnant.  It is also widely said that women experience differing symptoms when carrying different sexes. Being a little cynical by nature, I was reluctant to believe this.  When I fell pregnant with my son in early 2014, the symptoms I noticed were worlds apart from those I had with my daughter.  This pretty much knocked my cynicism on its head.

Back in 2008 I fell pregnant with my beautiful little girl Letoya (who is now 7).  As soon as I fell pregnant I got unbearable morning sickness.  I struggled to eat anything.  At that point I thought I had a stomach bug and was waiting for it to passs.  To make it through the day I ate plain crackers, bananas and rich tea biscuits.  Back then,  I was spending an hour a day commuting in to work, and worked a 10 hour day, 5 days a week.  Compounding the lack of food,  was also the intolerance I had to tea.  The smell of of it alone made me gag. I cannot motivate myself in the morning without my morning cuppa (that’s not to mention the short fuse & general grumpiness!).  It is a right of passage to start every day with a cuppa in my personal opinion!


Foods that were sweet or strongly flavoured I could smell a mile off and made me feel instantly sick.  I was like a bloodhound, with all sugar marked.  This lasted for the first three months and I can honestly say I was so relieved when I could finally eat chocolate again!

This lasted for the first three months.  Unusually, people often expect expectant mothers to put on weight during pregnancy, but I lost quite a lot in those first few months and my pregnancy was not at all visible until around 5 months.

As well as the sickness, I was constantly tired.  I would fall to sleep on the train most days in the early months and as soon as I got home I felt like I wanted to go to bed.  I felt permanently zapped of energy.  Fortunately after the first trimester I had a new lease of energy and things seemed almost at their pre-pregnancy state.

When I fell pregnant with my son Ethan (who is now 2) I was expecting all of the symptoms I had experienced with Letoya to emerge.  I was absolutely shocked when they never did!  The intolerance to food, the unbearable exhaustion were a thing of the past.  I wouldn’t even go so far as to say that my appetite increased.  Apart from a little tiredness towards the end of my pregnancy, when I was huge, I felt great!

ethan 1

So what can I conclude from this…… well, absolutely nothing!!!

The female body is a wonderful thing.  That we are able to bring new life into the world is miraculous.

What symptoms did you experience?  How long did they last?  Did you notice any difference from pregnancy to pregnancy?

Much Love

Lisa xx

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