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Hey Folks,

I really hope that you have enjoyed my beauty posts so far.  I am really excited to share more and more of these with you.

When people ask me, ‘what beauty product could you not live without’, I always give the same answer, ‘foundation’.  This is partly because growing up I had bad acne and I wouldn’t go out without my full make-up on.  Since my late twenties my skin has cleared up a lot, but I am obsessed with having a perfectly flawless base.  I feel instantly more confident when my skin looks just normal.  I am sure there are many people that can relate to this.

I have a great love for make-up and how it can enhance beauty and exaggerate confidence in women.  Whilst there is so much to be said for inner beauty & confidence, there is something empowering in looking your best and feeling your best.  Starting with a good base is, for me, the most important step in the process.

I have tried so many different foundations over the past 10-15 years with mixed success.  What I will say, Is that what works for someone may not work for you.  The trick is to really identify what YOU want from your foundation.  Do you want a really good coverage?  If so, you need a thicker base that will give you a flawless finish and will last without getting clumpy.  Do you want a matte look or a more natural glow?  Seriously consider what you are looking for.

So, for me I currently have 3 favourite foundations:

YSL – Touch Eclat

From the same range as the super-concealer, the Touch Éclat foundation gives a smooth, matte finish.  It is thick and reasonably heavy.  As a point of comparison, it is not as thick as Estee Lauder Doublewear, but a close second.  It blends well, and for me, with normal-oily skin, it stayed put from 7am until 5 in evening, which is what I need.

Clinique – Beyond Perfecting

I cannot talk highly enough about this foundation.  Similarly to the YSL foundation it is reasonably thick.  It will last all day, 7-9pm with no problems.  Coverage does not start to fade anywhere.  From the minute I put it on, my skin has a glow, without being shiny.  When I have a few spots, this will cover then without highlighting them.  If you have problematic skin, prone to flare up’s I would highly recommend this.

Maybelline – Dream Satin Liquid

For days where I have clear skin and the weather is a little nicer, this is a great foundation.  It doesn’t give the greatest coverage, but enough to leave you with a clear complexion and  a natural tone.  I tend to use a little more concealer when wearing this foundation to cover up any darker areas and I get a great finish.

Also in the picture is the Olay Total Effects Pore Minimizer.  I use this most days underneath my foundation to ensure that my foundation sits smoothly on top of my skin, without looking blotchy, especially around the nose and chin area.  The Maybelline Instant Pore Eraser is also a great base I have recently discovered.  It is surprisingly cheaply priced and delivers great results.  Now I would not feel like a had set the perfect base without a good primer underneath.


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