January Barry M Haul…

Some people like to bring in the New Year with cocktails & questionable dance moves.. I like to bring in the New Year with new make-up.

I love Clarins, Estee Lauder & MAC make-up, to name but a few of my current favourites.  I have had a tendency to stick with what I love as I am so particular with how I like my make-up to look from application to finish.

However,  this year I have decided to try and test some of the other brands on offer.  I plan on making this a regular feature each month throughout 2017.   In February I am starting with Barry M make-up.  They have had a serious upgrade in their product range recently, and there are so many more products to choose from.  Aside from their amazing gel nail-polish, they do everything from foundation, to bronzers, to eyeliners to contour kits.  As well as being great quality, the packaging is super cute.

So, here is what I brought…..

  1. Barry M Flawless Matte Perfecting Powder.  I usually use Clinique mattifying face powder, so was at first unsure whether the Barry M cheaper option would keep me shine free all day.  With combination skin and an oily t-zone it is a serious challenge!  Much to my surprise I was glisten free well into the evening.  It provides a matte finish, with no sheen, which is something I always opt for. It was a little more cakey than I would like by the evening, but after a 12 hour day, any powder would struggle.
  2. Barry M Flawless Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit:  When doing my make-up first thing in the morning, it is nearly always pitch black outside.  I tend to use a dim light, so as to not wake anyone up ( I need my few minutes of calm before the chaos begins ).  This can lead to a contouring disaster.  I was really impressed with the Barry M kit as it didn’t go on too heavy.  It comes with clear instructions to follow and, provided you follow them, the results are good for a reasonably priced kit.Barry M2

3.   Barry M Get Up & Glow Bronzer, Blusher & Highlighter Palette:  Firstly, the packaging for this is really pretty.  It is so lightweight I can carry it around in my handbag easily.    There are a great selection of colours, from a more peach shade, to an apricot.  Mid-way throughout the  day I tend to look a little washed-out, especially in the winter months.  This is a great carry around palette for mid-day touch-ups.

4. Barry M Brow Kit Shape & Define:  I was blessed (and cursed) with extremely thick and dark eyebrows.  Provided that they are well maintained, the brow kits available now allow me to refine & emphasise them quickly & with ease.  I’ve tried &  tested pretty much every palette on the market and this one stands up well amongst the higher-end kits.   If I were to give one criticism, it would be that the applicator is not as fine as I would like.  Over plucking in my youth has left me with a couple of small patches that I need to build up a little more, and the applicator didn’t give the clean, sharp finish I need.

I hope you enjoyed my review,

Much Love

Lisa xx
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