5 Valentines Day Date Ideas


The most anticipated holiday following Christmas is soon to arrive.  Have you got that loving feeling?

Whilst my idea of the perfect valentines day would definitely include enjoying great food and fine wine, followed by an evening stroll hand in hand with my fiancé, this may not be everyone’s cup of tea.  Or you may be looking for a little more inspiration.  So, I’ve compiled a list of some new and interesting ideas, which may prompt you to step outside of the traditional rose-ribboned box… enjoy!

  1. The second first date

Those of you whose first dates involved a visit to the local pub, look away now! Re-create your first date from start to finish (omit any awkward/nervous moments as necessary).  What better celebration of your time together than to go back to the beginning and remind yourselves of why you fell for each other.  This is such a cute idea, being overly nostalgic in nature, I am really tempted to do this myself.

2.  Black and white movie night

Call me an old romantic, but I love old black and white films.  They echo a feeling that is hard to re-capture in modern classics.  Proceeded by a romantic home-made meal, I would personally opt for desert on the sofa under a throw with a glass of merlot.

3.  Spa weekend

Find me a lady that doesn’t like the spa and I will.. well I am not entirely sure how that would end, but point being; there are so many great offers on at the moment for weekend spa breaks, wherever you live.  We are all constantly on the go, with little time to stop and nurture the relationships we have.  Why limit yourselves to just one evening.  Take a couple of days away from the 9-5 to focus on yourselves and invest in your wellbeing.  Most spa’s have great, nutritionally focused restaurants on site, so you can still enjoy the traditional Valentine’s day dinner also.

4.  Evening trip to London

Okay, this may be slightly more regionally focused, being that I am only an hour away from Central London, but wherever you are a trip to the city, taking in the lights, sights and sounds under the cover of darkness, walking hand in hand always appeals to me.  With so many restaurants to choose from, cocktail bars and quaint little breweries, the evening can take any shape.  Sometimes not planning and going with the flow can be more exciting as you don’t have every detail nailed down and can choose on impulse.  I love a romantic evening stroll in winter, with my wooly hat and scarf, walking arm in arm with my fiancé. It really makes you appreciate having the time to just walk, talk and be together.

5.  Ice-skating & Hot Chocolate

This suggestion is a personal recommendation.  My Fiance (Daniel) and I went skating next to the 02 arena last year, and despite my initial reluctance to step anywhere near the freezing ice, I had an amazing time.  I hadn’t skated since I was about 15 and didn’t share Dan’s confidence at being able to take to it like I had never left.  After the intial 10-15 minutes of kerb-crawling, I got into flow and we managed to make it around the rink hand in hand quite a few times.  The excitement of trying something different combined with the beautiful night-lights of London made it an memorable experience.  Afterwards we were both absolutely freezing and enjoyed a thick hot chocolate and I had the most delicious fudge cake….. and we still had just enough time left over to pop into Liberty,

Much Love

Lisa xx
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