Hello World!


Well, this is officially my very first blog post.. February 1st  2017 will forever be remembered (by me) as my blogiversary.

Firstly, hello to any readers and thank you for taking time to visit my site.  It has taken nothing short of an age to get my blog together, so I am really excited to be sharing this with you.

I hope to share a little piece of who I am, and what I love, in the hope that this can have a positive impact on anyone reading.  I started my blog (well, registered my domain), a little over a year ago when I was on maternity leave, but didn’t quite feel ready to launch it until now, as I wasn’t really sure who and where I was and what to share.  Setting yourself apart, and offering something new and different seemed daunting, as there are so many bloggers covering every aspect of life.  It wasn’t until recently that it dawned upon me me; my difference is me.  It’s my take on things, my experiences and my story.  I really hope that there are readers out there that can relate and take something from my posts.

A little bit about me.. I’m Lisa, 31 years old and I work 9-5 for a finance/technology company. I have an amazing fiancé and we share two wonderful children; Letoya (7) and Ethan (2).  My family are my inspiration and motivate me to dream bigger and achieve more.  I love all things make-up, fashion, health and fitness.. the list could go on forever.


So, what am I going to be blogging about? Well, all of the things I love.  I have read so many blogs over the past couple of years and there are some amazing people, with great stories and incredible creativity.  I want to bring my own story to you all.  I’m a mum, but I will always set my alarm 30 minutes early in the morning, so I get time to do my make-up and hair.  That is important to me.  I have to carry around at least 3 bags at any one time, but one of those (at present) will be my new favourite Tory Burch Robinson bag, with the things I love inside.  I am always moving from place to place, but I love to wear what I love, in the way I love it.


Much love,


Lisa x

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  1. Michelle
    January 31, 2017 / 3:23 pm

    Congratulations on your first post, I love it, I can’t wait to read more!

    • wonderlingblog
      January 31, 2017 / 9:52 pm

      Thank you!! I will be posting more shortly 🙂 thank you for the support x

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